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Perfume as Practice is a project that takes the discipline of perfume making and places it on a contemporary art platform; revealing its capacity for artistic concepts such as narrative, symbolism, representation and metaphor. 


Perfume as Practice began as an exploration of portraiture, and proposed that portraits of other artists could be created using perfumery as an artform. This is achieved by asking artists the question ‘Why do you make art?’ Then, through an established method of intuition and investigation, I combine essential oils and fragrance oils in order to create a perfume that captures the essence of who each artist is. These 'perfume portraits' are exhibited just like any conventional means of portraiture. The aim is to extend our knowledge of what scent can be highlights the capacity scent has for communication that reaches beyond our preconceptions.

While portraiture is still a primary concern, over time Perfume as Practice has also incorporated other ideas and concepts. This has included using perfume to explore travel, culture, alchemy, medicine and social concerns. I have also designed scents to tell stories and re-imagine historical and religious narratives; Hypothesised how the materials found within perfumery can preserve nature and the environment; Used perfume to provide interactive elements to exhibitions; And explored how perfume can be used to respond to debates, conversations and thought processes. 

I am always looking to hold further ‘Perfume as Practice’ exhibitions, events and workshops in order to expand my reach and expose new audiences to the possibilities of perfumery.


Perfume as Practice Events and Exhibitions

Perfume as Practice has been exhibited nationally as solo exhibitions and residencies. I aim to hold 2 exhibitions a year under the guise of Spring/Summer (SS) and Autumn/Winter (AW) collections. Find out information about each exhibition below: 

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