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An artist based in Sheffield, UK, my work utilises scent-based crafts such as perfumery, candle making and soap making and places them on a contemporary art platform; revealing how such crafts can be considered in line with other artistic disciplines such as painting and sculpture. 

One strand of my work, 'Perfume as Practice', takes perfumery and, through a process of investigation and interpretation, uses it to create portraiture through looking at the history, narrative and symbolism found within fragrance.

One strand of my work, 'Scents of Our Time', looks at how candle making can respond to news events; harnessing a social and political engagement in a way that acts as an alternative to how we consume the news. 


My work takes the guise of exhibitions, residencies, workshops and events across the UK and internationally. 


I am also co-founder of Sheffield-based arts initiative called Fronteer, which provides creative opportunities for artists across the UK. As of October 2020 I opened Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you would like to initiate potential collaborations. 

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