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Perfume as Practice SS17

In a departure from my previous Perfume as Practice exhibitions, Perfume as Practice SS17 took place at the end of the spring/summer period in the guise of a residency at Orchard Square, Sheffield, during September and October 2017.


The residency aimed to uncover the collective creative desires, behaviours and processes of Sheffield artists by creating for them a perfume portrait that captured the essence of wh they are. The residency saw me create perfume portraits in situ of an artist who wished to undertake the process. The process itself took the guise of a psychiatric assessment, and speculated on a reality whereby scent was our primary tool for understanding the human condition.

With many thanks to the artists who afforded their time for me to design for them a perfume portrait in situ:

Claire Lee, Sharon Mossbeck, Brian Daines, Lyn Carrauthers, Miranda Trojanowska, Ryoko Akama, Joanine Carmelino

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