Perfume as Practice SS21

Perfume as Practice SS21 was a series of 4 live video streams, created for Artwaves Festival 2021 over 6th and 7th March 2021, entitled 'Scented Souvenirs'.  

'Scented Souvenirs' saw me create perfumes live in response to 3 words participants gave me about holidays. Participants could provide me with their 3 words before the project through social media, or they could give me their words during the live streams in an online chat.


The aim of 'Scented Souvenirs' was to reveal, in an informal way, how scent and perfumery can hold concepts such as storytelling and nostalgia. 24 perfumes were created during the live streams, and each perfume will be gifted to the participant, which references the collaborative nature of the project. 

As well as creating each perfume I used 'Scented Souvenirs' as a platform to chat about the thoughts and processes involved in creating perfumery, and how I use my position as an artist utilising perfumery to develop exhibitions, workshops and projects. 

Each 'Scented Souvenirs' session - including time stamps for each perfume created - can be found here: