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perfume as practice ss19

Perfume as Practice SS19 was held at Lumen Crypt Gallery, London, from 4th – 9th April 2019. The exhibition comprised a unique blend fragrance, portraiture and astronomy and, as ever, sought to reveal the potential perfume has as a contemporary art discipline.


The exhibition housed 10 perfumes, each a portrait of another artist. These perfumes are achieved through my established process which begins by asking artists the question ‘why do you make art?’ then responding to the answer received though scent design. Perfume as Practice SS19 was themed under the idea of ‘astronomy’. This theme established visual connections between artists, and each perfume bottle was adorned with a constellation.


The exhibition and theme also afforded the opportunity to create visual embellishments and assemblages; creating a coherent exhibition that explored the intangibility of both scent and constellations, placing both in unfamiliar contexts in an effort to further their relationship with them.

A huge thank you to Lumen Studios for the opportunity, and to the artists who took the time to respond to the question ready for this exhibition: Garfield of London | Isabela Castelan | Suman | Kathryn Monks | Wild Bunny Arts | Elinor Clare Rowlands | Rosha Nutt | Matilde Tomat Anthony Carr | Geraint Roberts

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