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Perfume Portrait #78 – Henk Littlewood

Henk Littlewood 50ml EDT

Head – Petitgrain, mandarin

Heart – Cypress, geranium

Body – Sandalwood, myrrh, ylang ylang


Description – Woody fragrances, while grounding and affirmative, also have a quiet capacity for healing. Cypress, sandalwood and hints of floral notes offer a therapeutic sense of confidence, focus and worth. As a heavy sap, myrrh has a certain physical presence that references how, through kinaesthetic action, woods can provide a place to offload, reflect and make sense of the world. Petitgrain and mandarin both have warming qualities that support this fragrance’s emotional prowess.

This perfume is one of fifteen housed at Bureau, Blackburn from 12th – 26th April as part of my solo exhibition, Perfume as Practice.


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