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Food and Light

An exercise in non-edible culinary practice.

This – you’ll no doubt be pleased to know – is just a short little post that considers the entities of food and light in such a broad sense that it’s in danger of being credited as a newly discovered ocean. Anyway, here goes…

Recently, the very concept of light entered my brain in relation to artistic practise. It is a concept taken for granted as light is fundamental to even instigate practice in the first place. As with all newly considered notions, I took to exploring ways light related to food and, in turn, how it can be applied to my own work. It struck me that the relationship between the two is more intertwined than you might think.

Food and light draw parallels to each other as both are at once a necessity and can be used creatively. A humble strike of a match equates to the basic nourishment of bread, whilst innovative light instillations compare to the meticulous presentations of haute cuisine. But don’t just take my word for it, feast your eyes on this little beauty that I went and did:

'Spectrum - Onions'

In this piece,  food objects – in this case, slices of onion – have been painted in the colours of the spectrum and placed on a mirror. This allows light – or at least the concept of light – to exist as a tangible entity, whilst simultaneously allowing the objects to transcend their physical purpose and attain value. The use of a mirror is important because it allows the concept of light remain elusive, whilst further allowing the food objects to exceed their physical boundaries.

So, there we are. Food and light. Told you it was a short post didn’t I? And hopefully just interesting enough to stop you gauging a hamster’s eye out with a rusty hook.

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