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Biscuits With a Hint of Emotion

The next piece of work I wish to put on virtual display for you all to gaze upon is this thing:

‘4 Biscuits’ (2013)

Four digestive biscuits, coated with four different colours of acrylic paint and present framed and mounded on a canvas board. Here, attempts have been made to allow the audience to respond to this piece directly and with with immediacy. Block colours are able to highlight in a base, almost binary way, emotion. This corresponds with the accessible nature of the digestive biscuit. The basic nature of the piece calls into question the how we respond to our most instinctive emotions, and any action carried out in relation to them.

When rooted within a culture that exploits the nature of consumption, emotions too become a consumable item. Dismissed or glibly accepted, before being forgotten in the wake of another, equally disposable end. This piece seeks to highlight and describe this notion, and suggests that emotion can become a consumable product. Anyway, enough babbling. What do you think?

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