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Perfume Portrait #9 – Pip Barrett

Pip Barrett 50ml EDT



All the joy of your favorite story in a bottle! With visual embellishments that tell of narrative structure, this fragrance grips, delights, confounds and captivates just like a well thumbed bedside book.


This fragrance intends to read like a storybook while hinting at the inner workings of narrative structure. The sweetness and innocence of orange embarks upon a narrative journey given gravitas by coriander before blooming into geranium and becoming as strong as cedarwood. Frankincense suggests a story with morals while a hint of piperita mentha puts orange in peril initially.

This fragrance was created by interpreting and investigating a response to the question ‘Why do you make art?’ If you are an artist (in the broadest sense of the word) I would love to her your response to the question too, as it will enable me to create a perfume portrait that captures the essence of your creative persona.

This perfume will be on display at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, from 2-18th March 2016. There will be a Private View on the 2nd March from 6-8pm. More details here

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