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Perfume Portrait #8 – Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley 50ml EDT



The logical alternative to the blandness of modern television, this fragrance allows you to re-live all the fun of static television within your own nose. With conductive copper wire and a slightly repellent application of paint, this fragrance suggests that instead of TV, maybe it’s time to go and make something.


Citronella, a natural repellent, instantly attempts to sway the mind away from TV, though this is offset by the an attempt to depict the comfort and atmosphere of watching television. Black pepper and pine suggest domestic, indoor activity, and this is reinforced by vanilla musk. Hints of clove and basil also offer a sense of familiarity, like a comfortable old chair.

This fragrance was created by interpreting and investigating a response to the question ‘Why do you make art?’ If you are an artist (in the broadest sense of the word) I would love to her your response to the question too, as it will enable me to create a perfume portrait that captures the essence of your creative persona. 

This perfume will be on display at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, from 2-18th March 2016. There will be a Private View on the 2nd March from 6-8pm. More details here

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