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An Invitation to Speculative Studio Spaces

You are all invited to the Opening Evening of my upcoming exhibition at Access Space, entitled ‘Speculative Studio Spaces’

The exhibition takes an artists’ exhibition piece, questions how the artist arrived at the idea, then assembles a space that assumes the role of their studio. The result in an instillation that takes the guise of another artists’ studio, yet is assembled by me.

Speculative Studio Spaces seeks to assess what happens when an artist no longer has control of their creative processes, and reveals how identity can be constructed and assumed – with implications concerning ownership, authorship and maintaining public perception.


A example of a Speculative Studio Space from an exhibition last November.

Speculative Studio Spaces also throws the studio – a potentially highly personal and introspective space – into the gaze of an audience. This sense of disruption seeks to assess a body of work in relation to creative choices and as such, offers both a visual critique and considers the social, moral and personal impact of exposing an artist to subjection.

The Opening Evening will run at Access Space on the 18th September, from 5.30-8pm. 

I will be on hand all evening for any questions, thoughts or feedback you may have, as well as to just have a chat! Refreshments will also be provided.

If you can’t make it to the opening, the exhibition also runs Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm from 22 September – 15 October.

You can find more information about the exhibition from the Speculative Studio Spaces Facebook event:

See you at the opening hopefully!

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