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A problem shared is a problem halved

'A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved' is a series of work that charts the joy - and importance - of talking to people. This is achieved by simple still life paintings. On the surface, each painting depicts a simple scene of three items. Metaphorically, however, each item acts as a vessel that houses a problem, which becomes easier to manage as it is shared. 'A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved' is generally exhibited in group exhibitions. 

Events and exhibitions

December 2021 /// 'Come as You Are' // Filet Space, London

January 2022 // 'Meet the Locals' // Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield

March 2023 // '20x20' //  Access Space, Sheffield

 2023 /// RA Summer Exhibition 

speculative studios

A Speculative Studio Space is a fabricated artists’ working environment which takes an artists exhibition piece, questions how the artist arrived at the idea, then assembles a space that assumes the role of their studio

Speculative Studios provide an insight to how the processes that exist within a studio space highlights a facet of an artists’ identity. This can generally be controlled intuitively by the artist and therefore, the artist can construct how they wish to be perceived by an audience. However, Speculative Studios questions what happens to these processes when the artist no longer has control of them. This element of disruption leaves the artist vulnerable and  highlights notions of identity, authorship and ownership. 


Speculative Studios takes the form of an exhibition and as such, instigates a dialogue between what can be considered an exhibition and what can be considered an artists studio space. I am interested in seizing control of an artists’ creative process in order to provide an insight into how identity can be constructed. Speculative Studios can also be seen as a visual critique of artists’ creative processes. Such a notion explores how highly personal and private spaces can act as a mirror – reflecting processes back to the artist for them to contemplate, analyse and evaluate – when exposed to subjection. 


events and exhibitions

November 2014 // Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

September – October 2015 // Access Space, Sheffield

May – September 2016 // Huddersfield Media Centre

June 2016 // BasementArtsProject, Leeds



Oracles is a collective of 6 artists living in the North of England, each with an interest in representing religion, history and medicine through their individual practices. Oracles stage exhibitions together in a range of spaces throughout the UK.  

exhibitions and events

November 2017 // 'Measured' // Sheffield Cathedral

June 2018 // 'Measured' // Holy Trinity Church, Wentworth Woodhouse

May 2019 // 'And Forgive Us Our Trespasses' // Halifax Minster

June 2022 // 'Witchmarks' // Creswell Crags, Derbyshire

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