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Tonight, the Beast will Open!

Tonight sees the opening evening of The Beast Within – a group exhibition that invites artists from Exchange Place Studios to create work towards the theme of The Beast Within.

As expected, the broad and highly interpretive nature of the theme has led to a very diverse exhibition that highlights the innovative, intriguing and progressive nature of Exchange Place Artists, and showcases some beautiful, high quality pieces. My personal effort is a scented narrative that re-assigns knowledge as a biblical myth – a beast in it’s own right.


The exhibition yet again re-affirms Exchange Place Studios as an emerging and intriguing venue for exhibitions.  As a young space still attempting to find its place within the wider Sheffield art scene, it is advisable that exhibitions at Exchange Place are attached to other events. Last year’s exhibition – FLUX – was attached to Castlegate Festival and Sharon Mossbeck is looking to stage a cabinet exhibition that takes advantage of this years’ Halloween festivities. The Beast Within is no different, as it seeks to utilise the crowd associated with OpenUp Sheffield – an event that sees studios around Sheffield opened to the public. This means that anyone attending Open Up Sheffield over the next two weekends at Exchange Place will also be treated to an exhibition that perfectly highlights the talents of those in the building.

The Beast Within opens tonight from 7-9pm. Many of the artists will be on hand to talk about their work, or to just chat to! There’ll also be a free bar. I hope you can make it!

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