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The Triumphant return of the Paint Making Workshop!

Unceremoniously, I have sprained my ankle, which has dictated a halt in creative proceedings. I have designed a make-shift studio in my living room, complete with hastily purchased paint products and canvases. However, progress is slow due to the endless balancing act of attempting to apply pigment to surface whilst keeping my foot in a levitated position at all times.

And yet, in the wake of such frustration, some excellent news. From September I shall be hosting a paint making workshop at Bessemer II Gallery, Sheffield, on the second Wednesday of each month. The workshop will give you the opportunity to play, explore and engage with the possibilities of paint, and will allow you to network and meet like-minded people. If you are interested, please contact me. The first workshop is on 10th September. See you there, we’ll have fun.

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