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The Show Must Go On!

As I look out of the window to the relentless snow I do sigh to myself and think to myself ‘For God sake! Today of all days!’ …Typical eh? And rather ironic because I deliberately waited an extra two weeks to run my show – Perfume as Practice – at Bank Street Arts in an attempt to avoid the snow! Ah well, such is life. And the show must – and indeed will – go on!

And why not? It’s certainly looking – and smelling – like it will be quite a successful event. Certainly from a critical perspective. It’s certainly been a while coming, and I have used my 1 year as a resident at Bank Street Arts to refine my perfume making processes and arrive at a coherent and meaningful exhibition.


So if you’re around Sheffield tonight (or even if you’re not!) I would love to see you at the Private View of this exhibition. Initial responses from the few days it has been open point towards an innovative, fun and intriguing approach to perfumery that makes you think a little differently and confound your expectations. This is great as it’s pretty much what I’m aiming for! So do pop along if you can make it 🙂

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