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Studio Spaces, Perfume & Video Game Coding

Over the last week I have been doing a fair bit of juggling; visits to BasementArtsProject, Leeds and Access Space, Sheffield have re-kindled my desire to explore and develop my Speculative Studio Space project – with exhibitions now planned in September this year and June next year. As a project that has been superseded slightly by Perfume as Practice, it’s great to give Speculative Studio Spaces a little attention, with exhibitions to work towards and events to plan. Not to mention developing the project in a coherent and inclusive way.

Video games too, have re-entered my creative concious, with an opportunity to exhibit a poetry piece in Liverpool early next year. My initial efforts attempt to reveal poetry in the coding found in video games, extending the experience of gaming by offering new perspectives and attempting to penetrate the language of code in an accessible way:


Revealing poetry in video game coding

And as for Perfume as Practice, well most of my crowdfunding reward fulfilment has been …eer …fulfilled. This means that I can finally stop thinking about crowdfunding technicalities and actually begin to make the work, which is quite a liberating feeling! Now, time to knuckle down.

#studiospaces #contemporaryart #videogames #culture #poetry #perfume #exhibition


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