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Shaping a Speculative Studio Space

The Speculative Studio Space that I am installing at Access Space is really beginning to take shape! I am reluctant to say to much about it as yet because it will probably be best seen (and explained!) during the exhibition opening this Friday. Though you can expect to find a studio space designed around a love of travel, raw and bold use of colour, the notion of contextualising a landscape and paintings with a quiet but potent political grounding.

So, with the opening evening being this Friday from 5.30-8pm, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at what to expect:

Intrigued? Then why not pop down to Access Space on Friday to see it for yourself? Confused? Well fear not, I will be on hand on Friday to chat about my work. Couldn’t care less? Well why not pop down anyway – there will be refreshments available!


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