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Reflecting on Sun and Moon

Last Wednesday saw the opening of Sun and Moon – an open call group exhibition intended as both a celebration of and investigation into Pokemon!

7 artists are represented, each displaying their own insight into their perceptions of the franchise. There is a very diverse range of work on offer considering the theme is so niche.

As an organiser of the exhibition, it’s been a very relaxing and trouble free experience and I’d like to thank Mugen Tea House for being so accommodating.

My own work for the exhibition sees me take items from Pokemon Sun and Moon and re-imagine them as real life objects. Including a Burn Heal that takes  cues from 1950’s sun tan commercials, an Energy Root in the guise of a health food and Sacred Ash, which has been afforded religious contexts.

You can catch (lol) Sun and Moon Tuesday-Saturday at Mugen Tea House, The Hide, Sheffield until 3rd November. They offer fantastic tea and cake too, so it’s well worth a visit!

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