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Making ArtWaves

As I'm sure I don't need to tell you, it's been a rather tricky few months. One thing that has been absent during the coronavirus pandemic is the need to plan, create and organise ahead of exhibitions, and it is something I have missed more than I thought I would. When you're in the midst of juggling 3 exhibitions at once while attempting to create work to a high standard, the idea of time off seems luxurious. Yet when such time off is thrust upon you, it's disarming. I'm sure may nof you have endured similar experiences.

However, happily the times are somewhat changing. For while hosting exhibitions within the next few months still isn't viable, I can at least begin planning for 2021. I have already been in touch with a few art galleries and spaces concerning exhibitions, events and workshops, and I can confirm that I will be taking part in ArtWaves festival, Bridlington, on 6th and 7th March.

ArtWaves is will take over Bridlington’s signature venue Bridlington Spa and further afield for its sixth year on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 March with an additional fringe programme running from Monday 1 March. It’s is set to be the biggest visual art showcase yet, bringing traditional, digital, contemporary and urban art through a vibrant programme curated for all; from the experienced artist to those simply looking to get creative.

The programme will see the highly anticipated return of artists from previous ArtWaves alongside an elective mix of new artists to create the festival line up. There will be demonstrations from award winning artists, masterclasses, workshops, installations, live street art, an open air painting competition and much more.

And what of my contribution to the festival? Well, I want to combine narrative, play and nostalgia to create perfumes in situ based on the stories people tell me, which can then be taken home as a 'scented souvenir'. The interaction will begin with participants throwing picture dice, then telling me a story about Bridlington based on what is presented on the dice. The aim is to reveal a playful, inclusive side to perfumery and it's ability to tell stories. It should be a rather fun way of developing Perfume as Practice as a project on the whole.

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