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Approaching the Next 12 Months

2015 provided me with the time and space to cement my presence as an artist within Sheffield. I feel a confidence and strength within my convictions and no longer have any reservations in proclaiming my profession as being an artist. I also began to understand the value of rejecting opportunities should they not be appropriate. Again this probably derives from renewed confidence in my creative pursuits.

So, how will I approach 2016? well, for one I aim to extend my presence outside Sheffield and navigate my way yet deeper into the world of fragrance. It has come to my attention that attaching my practice to an area of industry outside the arts is a meaningful approach to creative practice, as it enables the exploration of alternative functions for preconceived ideas within an appropriate context. As such, I hope 2016 will see me working directly with those in the fragrance industry – collaborating to mutual benefits.

Other than the continuation of my premise of ‘perfume as portraiture’ I hope to extent my portfolio of scent based pursuits. Including the idea of ‘perfume hacking’ the development of ‘scents of our time’ and, new for 2016, I will begin exploring new uses for the scented candle, incorporating life, death, religion and how the function of candles change within different contexts.

So, that’s me for the next 12 months. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all well for 2016, whatever you end up doing 🙂


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