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An Open Invitation to Attend the FLUX Gallery Tour

And so, FLUX is now two weeks old, diving headlong into its third week, this art exhibition – brought to you by Exchange Place Artists and SOUP Collective which investigates the personal, social and philosophical aspects of change – will enjoy something of a second-coming over the next few days, with two exciting events planned.

Works of art from FLUX.

One of those events is a Gallery Tour, and will take place Tuesday 7th July from 2pm – 4pm. On offer will be the chance to meet no less than 4 of the artists involved – including myself. We will be on-hand to chat about our involvement in the exhibition and the work we have exhibited as well as the premise for how the exhibition came about, how it relates to the Castlegate area of Sheffield and how it was curated. We will also provide refreshments and the event is FREE. So why not pop along if you can? We’d love to see you!

Further details are available on our Facebook event page.

Thank you 🙂


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