scented souvenirs

'Scented Souvenirs' is a project I am doing for Artwaves Festival that looks at perfume, nostalgia and narrative within the context of holiday experiences. And I need your help!

I'm looking for participants to give me 3 words about holidays. They can be any 3 words you like. I will then take the words you have given me and turn them into a perfume live from my studio in Sheffield on either the 6th or 7th March. This perfume will be a 'scented souvenir' that highlights how perfume and scent can tell stories and evoke memories. 

To give me the 3 words, all you have to do is fill out the submission form below. The email address you provide will only be used so that I can let you know when I intend to make your perfume live. Also, let me know if you are happy for me to use your name during the live recording. 

Here is the submission form. Looking forward to your responses! 

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