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Unity First Aid Contents #1 – Smelling Salts

UNITY is an open-call exhibition devised and curated by myself and fellow artist Sharon Mossbeck. It uses art and creative action as a means to highlight the things that unite us and the things we have in common.

Unity runs from 18th – 25 August at Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield. An open-evening will run on Friday 19th August from 6-8pm. Refreshments are available and you will have a chance to meet several of the artists involved. All welcome.

My piece, simply entitled ‘First Aid’, is a re-imagining of the first aid kit. it’s contents are specifically designed to aid the healing process post-Brexit, which has divided a nation.

The first aid kit’s contents will promote recovery by provoking the inspiration, thought processes, and means of interpretation needed to instigate creativity and as such, help establish connections with other people and other communities. They will also prevent the divisive nature of Brexit from worsening by evoking shared memories, utilising aromatherapy and highlighting our collective history.

Here, I will share one of the First Aid Kit’s contents:

Unity First Aid Contents #1 – Smelling Salts. (lavender and sweet almond oil on cotton and rope)


An instant means of provoking inspiration, memory, thought and creative action.


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