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Perfume Portrait #5 – Colette Lilley

Colette Lilley 50ml EDT



If the existential questions of life and existence are the illness, perhaps this fragrance is the cure! The Colette Lilley considers the medicinal properties of art and prescribes a healthy dose of self realisation and assessment. Just what the doctor ordered!


Reading like a medicine bottle, this fragrance contains herbal and medicinal oils but with a floral punch: The initial menthol and minty notes give way to lavenders and Ylang Ylang. Healing and relaxing, this fragrance offers clarity, allowing you to cope with any situation and discover who you are.

This fragrance was created by interpreting and investigating a response to the question ‘Why do you make art?’ If you are an artist (in the broadest sense of the word) I would love to her your response to the question too, as it will enable me to create a perfume portrait that captures the essence of your creative persona. These perfumes will be on display at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, early next year. 


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