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Artists Required for Thoughts Towards a Painting that Doesn’t Exist.

I am creating a piece of work that assesses the nature of painting, and speculates whether a painting needs to exist if we are able to design, brand and distribute the idea of a painting within the context of commercialism. Basically, the work has me collect thoughts – imagined by artists – towards a painting they could make that doesn’t exist.

It could be a painting that you have considered before but haven’t got round to, or it might be entirely imagined but still within the context of your practice. I will take the findings and create paints based on thoughts the artist has towards a piece of work. These paints will then be branded as artists’ ideas. I’m aiming to create a tension between the audience and the ethical considerations of owning artists thoughts.

If you have any thoughts towards a painting created by yourself that doesn’t exist, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.Even if you’re not predominantly a painter, but that doesn’t really matter – you could still have an idea for a painting that fits in with your practice. I have already began to design paints around the thoughts of artists, the first one I have created derives from artist Richard Bradley’s Idea of creating a painting, which would have been a comment on cult television programme, The Hotel:

Paint made from Richard Bradley's idea.

Paint made from Richard Bradley’s idea.

I am a little unclear in terms of how I will present my work as yet. Ideally, I would design a shop unit and allow an audience to literally complete a transaction that acts as a comment towards ethical and philosophical implications of ownership and creative control. The customer would go away being able to use the thought of an artist however they wish, and would be able to purchase an artist’s idea as easily and cheaply as purchasing paint. A problematic notion that raises questions of the relevance of painting in light of consumerism.

Every ‘Artists Thought’ work I do will be isolated in an individual blog post, which will act as an advertisement for the paint product.

If you’d like me to use an idea you have for a painting that doesn’t exist, please respond by emailing …Or leave a comment in the comments section. Many thanks. 

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