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Artists’ Paint Colour #2 – Empty Frame

Taking ideas from artists and turning them into paint. Each paint is already primed with implications and preconceptions based on the artists’ ideas: This allows you to choose between using the paint as a raw medium, or exploiting the connotations found within the paint. The choice is yours.  

Colour #2 – Empty Frame

Velvety, rich and decadent with the tactile consistency of freshly churned butter, Empty Frame is a double pigment colour with a subtlety that eludes many. Specifically formulated to stimulate non-visual inclinations, Empty Frame is able to effortlessly assail the senses. 

Idea handed to me by artist Emma McLean

ARTISTS – If you have an idea for a painting that, for one reason or another, never reached fruition, email and I will allow your idea to be realised through the process of paint making.

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